Music gives happiness and energy to everyone

However, for some people, it can be difficult to switch the music on

With the help of Oradio drawings and software,

You can build a super Easy to Use Music Player

Share it and enjoy satisfaction money can't buy

The concept

Many modern audio systems become more and more difficult to operate. Some have a lot of small buttons. Some need the a app on smartphones.
Furthermore, the classic FM/AM radio’s become out of service as the broadcasting is stopped.

The Oradio concept is designed to operate straightforward, with an intuitive user interface. It is inspired by the radio’s of the fifties and sixties. Which have two dials, one for selecting the music you like and the other for the volume.

To make it also easy for low sighted people, it has large knobs and clear icons. Also, it can be operated only based upon tough and feel. Furthermore, for each operation, there is an audio message. Providing maximum feedback for each operation. Which increase trust and confidence to operate the Oradio Music player.

The design is modular. As a result, many elements can be changed to your wishes


Easy to use

The Oradio has two large rotary knobs:
- Volume knob, to control audio volume and switch on/off
- Music selector, to select 4 pre-programmed music source

Designed for build it yourself

The Oradio is designed to build by yourself. It is mostly based upon standard components and SW.
Some woodworking, electronics and SW configuration skills are required.
Download the free "Open Source" building plans and build it. You will be rewarded with a high quality sound for affordable costs.

Large amount of online radio stations and offline stored song available

The Oradio is an internet radio, connected via wifi. This makes a large amount of online broadcasts available.
By pre-programming your favorite stations, with a quick switch of the selector dial the station is selected.
A large amount of songs can be stored on the local memory. So, also when offline you can play all the music you like.

Size and shape

It is designed to fit in many circumstances

Building the Oradio

Step 1:  Download the free building plans and software

Step 2:  Collect the components and build the HW electronics

Step 3: Flash the SW image and install and configure SW. Check the system.

Step 4: Build the plywood enclosure and assemble the system.

And finally: Share it, bring the pleasure of Music to loved ones.


The Oradio makes that I can again listen to my favorite music. Every morning, I switch it effortlessly on.


First user

Every afernoon, we switch on the Oradio to relax with lovely sixties music


The Jones family
Prototype users

I am happy that I can listen now to the foreign radio stations. Just with the switch of a dial, I am back to my youth.


Daily user







How it all began

A close relative started to get trouble to switch on the radio. She used the radio for years. However, due to getting older, it became more and more difficult to operate it.

When I heard this, I thought “Let’s buy an easier to use radio for her birthday”.  After some searching, I could not find a proper one. So, I decided to build a Radio – Music Player by myself. 

She was happy with the first prototype. It was just a wooden box, some electronics and software. More importantly, it is intuitive to operate.

I showed the prototype to friends. To my surprise, everyone has relatives which would like such a Music Player. 

As an engineer, to make a product what is so helpful, gave me a lot of satisfaction. 

That gave me the energy to  develop a Oradio Music Player, which can be built by many other.

All this work is as a hobby project, so on non-profit base. The most important is, to bring the pleasure of music to as many people as possible.

Hope you will enjoy building and sharing the Oradio.

Let me know your questions, remarks and improvements. 

Planning of the project

Do you like to be informed on updates?